Listeners Complaints


Broadcasting Complaints


Parkes Broadcasting welcome any complaints you may have about our station content, our station programs or our stations announcers. The complaint must be made in writing.

Formal written complaints are taken seriously and will be passed on to the relevant Authorities


Formal written complaints should be sent to us at Parkes Broadcasting within 20 working days days of of the broadcast in the first instance advising...


The title of the program

The station which broadcast the program/content

The time of the broadcast

The date of the broadcast

Content on The ROK is regulated by the Commercial Radio Code of Practice.

The Code covers areas such as material not suitable for broadcast, news and current affairs, Australian music, live hosted entertainment and the promotion of gambling during live sports.

The Code provides a process through which a listener may make a formal complaint to a station asserting a breach of the Code.

The complaints process is set out in section 10 of the Code.

A complainant who is not satisfied with the response it receives from the station may refer the matter to the Australian Communications and Media Authority for resolution.

For a generic complaints form, please download the form from the below link or complete and return the online version below.

Parkes Broadcasting complies with the Commercial Radio Australia - Codes of Practice.

  • A Copy of the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice can be viewed online - Click Here

  • If you wish to make a complaint based on a breach of the codes, please Click Here


You can submit your valid complaint via the Broadcasting Complaint Form on the below PDF link.

Fax completed form to:  Attention: Station Manager on 02 6862 2581 or

Post to The Rok 95five Station Manager, PO Box 295, PARKES, NSW 2870

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